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Tablets can also be used as an e-reader, so you do not have to carry both a book and a laptop. Sam’s Club has a wide selection of tablets that run on different types on operating systems, so you are sure to find the best fit for you. Our other project, S.O.C.K.S., was entered in the Environmental Awareness category but received only an honorable mention. So, I look for projects for the students to get involved with that have a fun component, or that involve parents and the community. I wanted my club shirts to be something special—and allow my students to learn a new skill, too. One year, our shirts had the words “Everett High School Computer Club” on the front.

Voiland college has 40+ student clubs and professional societies you can join. The Washington State Linux Users Group exists to promote the visibility and use of Linux and other Free and Open Source software. They host tech talks, two yearly LAN parties , Linux tutoring, and more. These organizations provide the opportunity for students to develop technical and leadership skills, find and provide mentorship, and foster relationships with potential employers. Cornell Bowers CIS students enhance their educational experiences by engaging broadly through student-led clubs and organizations. The other reason I prefer using these projects in my club is that they are both extremely community-oriented and so they work best with a large amount of parental/community involvement.

At our event, you can expand your knowledge and skills, make new friends, win prizes and network with recruiters from our corporate sponsors! Join our organizing team to make friends with amazing students within the BU CS department. The IEEE is committed to the tradition of a strong engineering culture as well as serving as a social and career-building enterprise for those students that wish to make use of our resources. The ACM WSU Chapter is a student club focused on bringing together passionate computer science students. The Amateur Radio Club’s goal is to provide Washington State University students with the opportunity to learn and experiment with amateur radio as well as to meet other students interested in amateur radio and share ideas. The goal is to have a student-made resource on towns throughout North America that will be accessible through the Foundation’s Web site.

They learn how to soothe bruised egos and calm the occasional inflated one. They learn the art of give-and-take that makes collaboration such a powerful problem-solving force. They learn real-world do’s and don’ts for working together to hack effective solutions to daunting challenges. I am certain that my students are similar in many ways to any other students in the United States. Students love to wear shirts that celebrate the athletic teams they are members of. Our cheerleaders, drama society, National Honor Society, and many other clubs outfit their students in an array of shirts.

Club membership demonstrates active participation in a chosen field, and can help create friendships and provide future networking opportunities. Information Science is one of the fastest growing and cutting edge majors offered at Cornell University. The Information Science Student Association is here to improve the student experience and spread the word about the major. The ISSA plans networking events, social events, corporate information sessions and tech talks with faculty. The club explores both computer architecture and new application software.

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