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Computer And Technology Club

Those interested in computer science or computers in general are strongly encouraged to join. Our primary purpose is to enhance the undergraduate experience in computer science. One glance at the list below and you’ll realize that PC’s student clubs and organizations are as varied as the interests, career aspirations, and talents of our students. Within government, that hub is the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force . The FBI leads this task force of more than 30 co-located agencies from the Intelligence Community and law enforcement.

” When I assure them that we can and we don’t charge for the service, most students promise that they will bring in their computers to the next meeting. While virtually every student has a smart phone at my school—and frequently own models that are far more advanced than the typical teacher’s—few have any knowledge of how to actually write software for them. The Computer Technology Club is a club that enables students interested in computers and other technologies to come together and learn more about the field with fun member-driven projects. CTC provides a space where students can work together on IT projects with assistance from fellow members. Two programs out there that fit perfectly into my plans are Global Schoolhouse’s CyberFair and Our Town.

I can put my students that are great at technology to work on one aspect of the project, while my students who are a bit less savvy can do other things. And with computer club, I don’t always get kids that are MY students. I get a lot of kids that are just interested in computers, and, as such, don’t know how to do the same things that ‘my’ kids know how to accomplish.

The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating cyber attacks and intrusions. We collect and share intelligence and engage with victims while working to unmask those committing malicious cyber activities, wherever they are. Malicious cyber activity threatens the public’s safety and our national and economic security.

WISH is a club that was founded by females of the Computer Science Department at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 2007. We host industry tech talks, provide mentoring and organize a number of social events. Join a student club and gain real-world experience while participating in a variety of activities, including competitions, field trips, and social events. The Cornell Data Science project team aims to bring students into the world of data science. We do this by educating students through our introductory course, analyzing data and making predictive models in our projects, and providing opportunities to connect with professors and industry professionals. The Wright State University Cybersecurity Club is dedicated to teaching, learning, sharing, and researching information and methods to protect and secure data, systems, and networks.

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