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They came together with the Spanish Conquistadors and Adelantados aboard ships to St. Augustine. See all that the College of Engineering and Computer Science has to offer by visiting campus.

We are a group of people who share a passion for software and hardware security. This club is mainly aimed at computer science and engineering majors, but anyone interested is welcomed to join. CS Connect is focused on fostering community engagement and providing networking opportunities. We want to encourage, motivate and inspire students who are interested in computer science to learn, connect and thrive through social and technical events. We are devoted to establishing an inclusive club for students of all backgrounds while creating a tight-knit community of coders.

They learn how to soothe bruised egos and calm the occasional inflated one. They learn the art of give-and-take that makes collaboration such a powerful problem-solving force. They learn real-world do’s and don’ts for working together to hack effective solutions to daunting challenges. I am certain that my students are similar in many ways to any other students in the United States. Students love to wear shirts that celebrate the athletic teams they are members of. Our cheerleaders, drama society, National Honor Society, and many other clubs outfit their students in an array of shirts.

Voiland college has 40+ student clubs and professional societies you can join. The Washington State Linux Users Group exists to promote the visibility and use of Linux and other Free and Open Source software. They host tech talks, two yearly LAN parties , Linux tutoring, and more. These organizations provide the opportunity for students to develop technical and leadership skills, find and provide mentorship, and foster relationships with potential employers. Cornell Bowers CIS students enhance their educational experiences by engaging broadly through student-led clubs and organizations. The other reason I prefer using these projects in my club is that they are both extremely community-oriented and so they work best with a large amount of parental/community involvement.

As part of their classroom and extracurricular activities, students research information about their community, develop Web pages, and create a Web site for their town. Students work with others outside their school local businesses, community organizations, government offices to develop or encourage them to develop Web pages for their town’s Web site. Having students actually go to a computer club can be a bit of a challenge. ” I have an elevator speech that extols the fun we have building computers, fixing computers, learning about computer programming, and anything else students are interested in. Easily the most common follow-up question is, “Can you get rid of a virus?

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