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Personal computers have started to slowly take off in North America by the end of the 1970s, a decade earlier than most other parts of the world. Connecting them to remote servers can be a nightmare of endless settings and false starts, accompanied by the squawks and squeals of an expensive, finicky modem. Most computer owners don’t bother, but by 1979 a subset of brave or stubborn ones are subscribing to early online services like MicroNet and The Source, or connecting to Bulletin Board Services hosted on somebody else’s minicomputer or PC. By 1990 more than two million North Americans will be online for discussion groups, shopping, news, chat, e-mail, and more; the early online services have been joined by AOL, Prodigy, and others. This dial-up world pioneers much of what we do on the Web, though in a more communal setting. By1971 Sam Fedida at the British Post Office and teams at the BBC and the IBA have started developing Web-like information systems that use televisions for display.

Some Belkin Products and Software may monitor energy consumption in the home. Belkin does not guarantee or promise any specific level of energy savings or other monetary benefit from the use of the Products or Software or any other feature. Actual energy savings and any associated monetary benefits vary based on factors beyond Belkin’s control or knowledge. You acknowledge that this information is not a guarantee of actual savings, and you agree not to seek monetary or other remedies from Belkin if your savings differs. All information provided to you by Belkin is provided “as is” and “as available”. In cases where it is critical, accessing information through the Software is not a substitute for direct access of the information in the home.

An ISP assigns an IP address, which is a unique address given to your computer or network to communicate on the Internet. I have been working on an instant messenger in only java code for a while now. I am able to get it to work only if I am running the server and the client on the same computer then they communicate. But I cant get 2 different computers to connect to the same server and communicate. I have looked at many examples and I still dont understand what needs to be changed. I will show the code below most of it can be ignored only the network part needs to be looked at.

The network topology can affect throughput, but reliability is often more critical. With many technologies, such as bus or star networks, a single failure can cause the network to fail entirely. In general, the more interconnections there are, the more robust the network is; but the more expensive it is to install. The OSI reference model specifies network protocol standards in seven layers.

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